Client Reviews

Thank you for doing my resume and cover letter! I received so much positive feedback! I only got interviews with amazing companies including Tech companies, Law firms, and even an opportunity of a lifetime. My old resume didn’t even get me a call back! I am now approaching week three at my new job and I am so grateful. My improved resume/cover letter gave me the confidence to really put myself out there. I just wanted to let you know that the work you do is amazing and I will certainly pass you on to anyone that needs the help.

-Briann E., Nonprofit Organization

TML Consulting is extremely professional and knowledgeable. The turn around time that I received when I reach out for my resume was amazing. I am extremely happy with my resume and know I will definitely get a new position after the help I received from her. I highly recommend her business you will be very happy with her service.

-Nekita C., Financial Industry

I reached out to TML consulting when I was applying for a promotion. My resume was updated with my most recent skills and job functions. I was able to get the promotion and was so excited. I rave about TML consulting all the time. I will definitely use her services again in the future.


TML Consulting Services were very attentive to my needs. They revised my resume, and cover letter within a timely manner and went over the new revisions. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a fresh resume and cover letter.

-Mark S., Information Technology

TML Consulting services offers an in-depth analysis of your resume and guides you through what should be on there and what should not. She takes time to walk you through talking points on your resume, is extremely professional and provides timely responses! I highly recommend her services!

-De’Anna F., Associate Director, Global Finance

So, I’m not writing this review because I know Tia, I’m living proof of her work. When I graduated nursing school, I had no idea how to formulate my resume with no experience, I previously worked in event planning. But Tia knew exactly what to focus on, my strengths at being detail oriented. Let’s just say, when people told me it would take 6 months-1 year as an Associate graduate, I got my first nursing job in a little less than a month!

-Kimberly M., Registered Nurse

Tia is an expert in her field with intimate knowledge of successfully launching large-scale websites for global institutions. She works diligently with every client and caters her approach to reflect each individual’s needs. No matter your need regarding a web presence, Tia is sure to work with you to ensure you and your company are more visible on the internet.

-Logan W., Digital Strategist

TML Consulting offered advice that skyrocketed my real estate business! A single consultation helped me to start making more money by replacing hours spent behind the computer focusing on self marketing and allowing for more time with my customers. I am forever grateful for their services!

-Yennie A., Real Estate Agent

I have used TML Consulting and the services were super helpful. I landed my dream job of working in the healthcare field and I owe it all to Tia. Thank you so much for being a blessing to this community.

-Teresa F., Patient Care Representative

TML Consulting services was very helpful when I applied for a new position after working in my field for 30 plus years. Tia directed me in asking the right questions that were important during my interview process, she is very knowledgeable in her field.

-Natalie B., NYPD Administrator

Tia is an outstanding marketing consultant and web designer. She has helped me many times with marketing materials for my catering functions. Tia has a warm personality and is very easy to work with. She brings a positive professional demeanor, very well organized, and has great communication skills.

-Kareem P., Freelance Chef

Tia is an extremely organized professional who excelled at her position as our marketing assistant. She is service-focused, has strong project coordination capabilities, and takes initiative on projects. Her creativity and kindness are added bonuses!

-Paulina K., Director, Marketing and Media Relations